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body treatments

back "facial" - $90

your back is home to the largest pores on your body, making  it prone to excess oil production and acne, this treatment is designed to deep clean pores and control excess sebum. Take care of your back just like you would your face!

chest restoration treatment - $60

a cleansing and microdermabrasion only for your decollete area, formulated to firm and smooth. followed by a custom serum and mask, and nourishing moisturizer.  

eye zone treatment - $45

a microdermabrasion for the back of your hands intended to target loss of elasticity and lift dark spots. Paired with an intense moisturization treatment, this will bring life back to your hands.  

brow style - $40

if you have places to be after a wax, the brow style is for you! In addition to waxing, tweezing, and trimming the brows, get your brows sculpted with concealer, redness covered, and filled back in. Leave your appointment looking exactly how you came! 

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